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About Us

Warter Group

Best solutions tailor made to fit Customer?s requirements

Warter Capital Group is made of 7 business entities with different profile and goals:

  • Warter aviation,
  • Warter Fuels,
  • Cardboard and Paper factory,
  • Pass Palace,
  • Warter Chemical Plant,
  • Warter Polymers,
  • Warter Foods.

Each of our companies is made of the highly qualified team of specialists, whom are working daily to provide you with the best final product. All of our companies are in position of the quality certificates confirming the best quality of products offered.

The state of the art production equipment used by Warter Fuels, Cardboard and Paper factory, Warter Chemical Plant and Warter Polymers, guarantees highest quality with an extended usability times.

Our continuous drive to invest in our equipment and staff made us an unquestionable leader on the market.

Because of this, our companies are not only well established and respected on the Polish market but also around the globe.