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Road Cistern

One of the logistics solutions is road cistern both fuel and chemical, with capacity up to 36,000 litres

Our fleet consist from chemical cisterns with capacity of 32,000 litres. They can be either one or multichambered to fit the customer?s requirement. Multichambered cisterns are used for mixed type deliveries, allowing us to supply different customers with different products in the same delivery chain. This ensures the lowest delivery cost. Chemical road cisterns are not equipped with pump and are only capable of gravitational delivery method.

We are also able to provide our products in a dedicated fuel cistern with capacities from 34,000 to 36,000 litres. Fuel cisterns are equipped with an external pump, fuel quantity counter measuring amounts in a 15c ambient temperature and a printer.

Using road cistern we can guarantee the most timely method of delivery!