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Warter Racing 102

Warter Racing 102 – unstoppable quality!

CN Code CN 27101290

The main value of the Warter fuels is their excellent quality appreciated by the best! Our brand is chosen by the rally drivers and rally teams around the world.

WARTER Fuels is a producer of specialized, lead-free fuel racing WARTER Racing 102. This fuel is intended for use in the full spectrum of rallies, in turbocharged and atmospheric engines. It complies with the most stringent international standards, including the FIA Appendix J Regulations. It is an ideal product for WRC, R4, N4, R5, R3, R2, S2000, A8, RCC, Rally Cross, Drift League and factory sports engines.

We fully understand the needs of our customers for whom we created the Warter Racing 102 fuel.

Among the recipients of our fuels there are both – companies and individuals, not only from Europe but also from around the world. Each of the fuel species produced is subjected to appropriate tests. Our gasoline goes on sale only after meeting a number of requirements of technical conditions.

The Warter Racing 102 high-octane fuel meets the highest quality and performance standards (Compliance with the FIA – J standard).

We have designed a production line that not only satisfies the specific needs of our race fuel, but above all guarantees quality control and product repeatability throughout the year. All fuel elements are manufactured by our own refinery. Each component is tracked and inspected for quality from the first supplier to the final product before it is delivered to you.

We send our fuel directly to the address given – everywhere! Regardless of whether it is a service park or a test track. You say when and where, we deliver!

WARTER Racing 102 is available in 53 liter drums.

Regardless of whether you are a beginner driver or a professional racing team – we have an offer for you!

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