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Three brand new cistern trucks join WARTER aviation fleet

Quality, price, and flexibility of deliveries are the major advantages of WARTER aviation in sales and worldwide distribution of AVGAS. Only this year WARTER fleet has acquired three new, multi-chamber cistern trucks, each of 36 000 litre capacity. New additions to the fleet resulted from growing demand for the Płock refinery fuel on the European market.

The use of multi-chamber cisterns enable combining deliveries to different recipients during single transportation. Thanks to this solution, airfields of lower fuel consumption are no longer forced to purchase AVGAS in a single order in quantities that exceed their actual needs. WARTER professional logistics team takes care for reliable, cost-effective and timely AVGAS deliveries.

New cistern trucks have yet another advantage of fueling aircraft directly from the cistern. On many occasions, AVGAS refuelers have been a valuable addition to airshows and rallies organized at the airfields without suitable fueling infrastructure.

Each tank truck has been covered with custom aviation graphics.

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