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WARTER aviation Aero Friedrichshafen Summary

Aero Friedrichshafen, once again turned out to be an amazing success for our company. This success was only a confirmation of a well-known fact, that throughout last three years, WARTER aviation became an unquestioned leader of the General Aviation market not only in Europe but all over the world. Our fuel can be loaded not only in Warsaw, Paris, and Moscow but also in Beijing or Reykjavik. At the moment our fuel is available in over 8p countries all over the globe. This fact only motivates us to work even harder for our existing and future customers. We take pride not only in manufacturing of the highest quality fuels but also being able to supply more than just an AVGAS 100LL. Our range covers all types of fuels from 91UL though 85UL and now our brand new product AVGAS 115/145.

We are proudly cooperating with the best aircraft and engine manufacturers. At the same time we are focusing on manufacturing, research and development of the most advanced aviation fuels. With this we cannot forget about the classic aviation users. To meet their demand, we have now introduced a brand new type of fuel designed specifically for the old timers ? AVGAS 115/145. While being backed by the best aviation specialists, we decided to ?resurrect? this type of fuel to bring back the power to all amazing aircrafts such as warbirds. These amazing aircraft are not only the best part of every airshow but are also a living history and we are proud to be able to keep them flying with our dedicated fuel.

Since 2012, WARTER aviation is constantly changing the face of General Aviation worldwide, supplying the market with the best quality fuels, followed by the best price. We are the only AVGAS manufacturer in the world, being able to offer five types of AVAGS. With this we are covering all sectors of General Aviation Market. The 2015 season undoubtable will be the busiest year in our history. Using our chance, we would like to thank our current customers for your trust and we cannot wait to our new ventures with you.

See you again at Aero Friedrichshafen 2016!

Kamil Skorupski
CEO ? Warter Aviation


Foto: Andre Garcez