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Proudly supporting the best teams!

Our fuel is being chosen by the best aerobatic pilots from all over the world. We understand their needs and this is why we are making fuel made to strictly conform to their requirements. Approach like this has allowed us to broaden, and constantly expand, a group of satisfied customers.

We always want to be one step ahead of the needs of our customers!


Fire Birds

Fire Birds aerobatic team is composed of some of the world’s best aircraft: Extra 300 SC, twin seat Extra 300 LC and Zlin 50. This young team, which had its premiere in 2014 in Rybnik, Poland is made of very experienced aerobatic pilots, who have many amazing trophies on their accounts.

People behind the team are: Lukasz Swiderski, aerobatic champion of Poland, Adam Labus, team number one and aerobatic flying instructor and Sebastian Nowicki, Airbus A320 Captain.

The team took part in multiple aerobatic competitions, which are preceded by hour of hard aerial work.


FireStars Aerobatic Team

FireStars Aerobatic Team was funded by Mark Hensman in 2012. This well-known team, based in Shenyang, China is the only aerobatic team in the world using four XtremeAir aircraft and is the first aerobatic civilian group operating in the People’s Republic of China.

FireStars Aerobatic Team is made up of the best arobatic pilots from South Africa and the United States.

The team is know from its stunning aviaiton displays, whicih are always backed by weeks of hard work. To make this happen, we are proud supplier of the best aviation fuel.


Patrouille REVA

This amazing French aerobatic team, made out of three Rutan EZ aircraft, joined Warter aviation team in 2015. Patrouille REVA was founded in 1993 and consists of thre retired French Air Forces Pilots. Throughout its career, the team has displayed over 300 times not only in Europe but also world wide!
Their aerobatic skills are being demonstrated using a unique Rutan LongEZ and VariEZ made by the maker of the SpaceShipOne – Burt Rutan. Those amazing aircraft are capable of flying as fast as 315 km/h at fuel consumption as low as 25l/h

Aerobatic display performed by Patrouille REVA consists of 16 figures with the final one representing a heart. This amazing show is highlghted thanks to Warter aviation Smoke Oil, which is a perfect solution to make your aerobatic display stand out!